Land of Salahuddin Warior

Vision & Mission

The vision of Mahallah Salahuddin al Ayyubi is to provide not only residential places for student warriors but also a home that can nurture their leadership quality, soft-skills, esprit de corps, employ-ability traits and life long learning experiences.

In order to achieve the vision of MSA, several missions are identified, which include to:

  • Identify the leadership quality among its residents through the platform of Mahallah Representative Committees (MRCs);
  • Provide quidances and advices to the members of MRCs in their activities and programmes;
  • Emphasise on disciplines and good conducts of residents at MSA through ziarah, compounds, and spot checks;
  • Provide informal counselling sessions for residents through ziarah and open door policies.
  • Ensure the welfare of MSA’s residents will be taken care through proper channels and procedures