Name of the programme : Saving You & Me

Date : 14 November 2020

Venue : MPH Mahallah Faruq & IHWC

Organiser : Mahallah Representative Committees Al Faruq


Participants : Residents of Mahallah Al Faruq

Saving Me & You programme is an initiative by MRC Al Faruq in our attempt to solve an ongoing issue that happens rapidly on our mahallah grounds which is the use of tobacco which led to the habit of smoking and vaping among our residents. The initial idea was founded when observing the number of cigarettes butts left at the toilets, walkways, cafes and other mahallah facilities. Throughout our observation, smoking and vaping can be seen to occur on a higher basis during exam seasons where we understood such act are taken place due to the pressure and stress felt by our residents. Previously, in relation to this issue, some of the cases when reported to the fellow or person in charge, the matter was solved quickly due to the occurrence was near with the regular rounds made by them. Apart from that, there are cases reported unofficially to the MRC members where some of the residents were smoking in their compartment and among the recent issue on smoking is a toilet hose was vandalised as it seems that it was burnt seeing a cigarette butt presence on toilet floor. This matter has indeed caused not only the disruption of facilities to be used by other residents but it has shown the bravery of these wrongdoers in committing such act which is an offence under the Student Discipline Rules 2004 (Amendment 2006).