Message from Principal

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabaraktuh

Welcome to Mahallah Maryam

Indah berbalam si awan petang,

Berarak di celah pepohon ara;

Pemanis kalam selamat datang, 

Awal Bismillah pembuka bicara.

Welcome to Mahallah Maryam, especially to the new students who choose to stay here.  

It is hope for students to prepare themselves not only to gain as much knowledge as possible while at university but also to create an experience here before stepping into the work environment.

Education has never been limited to the classroom.  The involvement of students in societies and mahallah activities is part and parcel of your academic journey; able to form a proactive students with positive qualities, high competitiveness and marketability in future careers.  This is in line with the vision of IIUM to produce excellent graduates. 

In addition, awareness, sensitivity, and concern of each others are highly encouraged among the mahallah residents inside or outside the university. This is to inculcate students with a responsible and cooperative attitude towards other individuals or the local community. In IIUM, students live in collaborative learning environments and work together to transforms their institution and communities.

Success will not be achieved without a good intention, tawakal, and continuous effort, and put our faith in Allah SWT. Therefore, be a successful student with a holistic perspective in academic, soft skills, and spirituals.

Thank you and best wishes to all of you.