Mahallah Uthman was named after the 3rd caliph, Saidina Uthman Ibn Affan who was among the closest sahabah to Rasulullah SAW. It is one of the five male mahallahs (or residential colleges) available at the IIUM campus in Gombak. The mahallah was first utilised in 1996.

However, due to limited number of rooms during the early establishment of IIUM, the mahallah was used temporarily to accommodate female students from 1998 till 2003. Starting July 2003, Mahallah Uthman became a male college once again.

The mahallah consists of six blocks for undergraduates, one block for postgraduates and one central building where the administration office, main cafetaria, musolla, kiosks, MRC room, and operation room is located under one roof.