Centralized Programmes

IIUM Sports Carnival

IIUM Sports Carnival (ISC) is the biggest sports carnival in IIUM and an annual event organized by Council of Principals & Mahallah Representative Coordination Council in collaboration with Sports Development Centre. Usually, this programme will be held in the month of November every year. Every Mahallah in IIUM will participate and compete among each other in order to be the champion under two categories which is Male and Female Category.

Inter-Mahallah Cultural Week (IMCW)

Inter-Mahallah Cultural week is an event which has the similar background as IIUM Sports Carnival in which the competition is based on cultural activities or performances. This event will be held once in every two years.

MRC Leadership Training (McLead)

MRC Leadership Training (MCLead) is a leadership camp for all the newly appointed members of MRC of each mahallah. This camp is going to be held annually in every Semester 1 of the academic year. This camp has been the platform for the newly appointed Mahallah Students’ Leaders to enhance their soft skills as well as to build up their leadership skills in leading the mahallah.