Mahallah Training for Trainers (MT4T) is a program organized by Mahallah Representative Committees (MRC) 2020/2021 for the Block Representative Committees (BRC) of Mahallah Ruqayyah. The purpose of this programme is to polish leadership skills as well as providing the basic techniques in conducting programmes for mahallah as the BRC members. This program also emphasizes creating and strengthening bonding between the MRC and BRC. Thus, we are looking forward to having full participation and cooperation among all members involved.

     This program has successfully achieved its own objectives which are to to encourage the residents to join and participate in MRC and BRC programmes, some initiatives have been taken to attract residents’ attention by making promotions. Besides providing starpoint and certificates, we would like to promote a comprehensive program for the residents to participate in the future. Due to pandemic Covid19, all members of MRC Mahallah Ruqayyah and fellows give full cooperation and commitment throughout the program.

       In conclusion, Mahallah Training for Trainers (MT4T) of Mahallah Ruqayyah program has successfully achieved its own objectives and was organized well. This program was run smoothly and all the committees really enjoyed themselves throughout the program even there is some problem but we succeeded to handle it. As a whole, all organizing committees have shown a very good commitment throughout the preparation for the program. May Allah swt bestow His blessings upon those who contribute to the success of this program.

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