Land of Salahuddin Warior

Important Things To Know In Mahallah

Check in & Check out Room
-Compulsory to check in at the beginning of semester and check out at the end of semester
-Vacate & clean the room and surrender the room key at the end of every semester.

Live In During Vacation (LIDV)
-Application for group/official LIDV is to be submitted to RSD/mahallah office within the stated date.
-LIDV for personal reason and late request of LIDV is consider as rental.
-Students who failed to apply LIDV and vacate the room and surrender the room key at the end of semester will be given compound and will be charge for LIDV.

Vacation Notice (Available in I-Maalum, Fb & RSD Website)

Mahallah Online Room Registration (MORR)
-All students who will register for the coming semester are required to do MORR at the stated date in vacation notice.(2 weeks before final exam)
-Failed to do MORR may cause student to have no room for next semester and students have to vacate their room and surrender the room key.
-Student who is not eligible to do MORR due to:
no registered subject, outstanding fees, double degree, exceed 4 years, practical training & FYP
-Need to fill in details in google form ( or scan QR code)

Mahallah Online Room Registration (MORR) – (Available in I-Maalum, FB & RSD Website)

Live Off Campus (LOC)
Students who wish/have to stay off campus : May register yourself at Mahallah Office.

Mahallah Online Maintenance Report

List of Compoundable Offences

Do’s & Don’ts